Susan Cockburn

For Montgomery Town Council

Susan Cockburn and the ONE Montgomery team are running to bring leadership and experience to the Town of Montgomery government.

Susan Cockburn – My Story

Born in Mt. Vernon, the Bronx. After finishing high school in the town of Mt. Pleasant, Westchester, NY. I moved to NYC signed as a print model with Wilhelmina Models, NYC. I also worked in California, Italy and Germany as a commercial print model. Attended T. Schreiber School of Acting in Washington Square for several years and performed on stage in plays, improvisation, and a rock band both writing and singing. Segued into construction work on high end projects, completing fine finishing work on interiors. Working my way through college I started at Hunter’s City University of New York in1988, taking math, science, international government studies and Spanish as a second language. After 3 years I transferred into Stevens Institute of Technology, beginning a five year Bachelor of Environmental Engineering Degree program. While matriculating courses I was employed at the Structural Engineering Firm of Hardesty & Hanover in NYC. I am the first member in my family to attain a professional degree.

Upon completing my engineering degree I left NYC and moved to Montgomery much the way I arrived in NYC: on my own and knowing no one. I purchased a deteriorating historic home and restored it using local labor, local suppliers and my earnings. I learned a great deal about the community just by embarking on this project and determined that again, my instincts were correct and I had made a very good choice by moving into Orange County

I first campaigned for public office in 2001. My second run was successful. I took the Oath of Office for 2004/2005 as Montgomery Town Supervisor. I was re-elected for 2006/2007. A slew of accomplishments, remediations and administrative safeguards were put in place. I implemented every one of the New York State Comptroller’s Municipal Recommendations and Guidelines. A serious budget deficit was identified my first year and both the cause and the shortfalls were righted. A checks and balances safeguard in the form of two different Civil Service Tested positions were established: that of Bookkeeper and Comptroller. Now all present and future tax dollars were out of political game play and politically appointed positions.

Susan Cockburn accomplishments

As Town of Montgomery Supervisor
  • BE in Environmental Engineering from STEVENS Institute of Technology
  • Served two terms as Montgomery Town Supervisor
  • Valley Central Schools, Tutoring Program
  • CLEARWATER Hudson River Sloop Grants Coordinator
  • Hardesty & Hanover Structural Engineers
  • Volunteer Work: Town Historic Preservation Commission, Walden Humane Board, Friends of Benedict Farm Park, Tin Brook Watershed Alliance
  • 2002 & 2003 Orange Environment Awards
  • 2019 Walden’s Women’s Club Honoree

My primary purpose remains to closely follow established and mandated protocol on taxpayers’ behalf while continuing to search for ways to implement environmental safeguards and quality of life improvements within the community I serve.

Susan Cockburn For Town Council

  • I want to bring our tax dollars back into the community in the form of County, State and Federal Grants. These are the taxes we’ve already paid and no one is doing anything at the Town Level to get them back here working for us.
  • The Comprehensive plan needs updates for businesses to establish themselves and remain here.
  • Fiscal Responsibility needs to remain at the forefront of all Town Decisions.
  • All town work must be properly put out to bid so all contractors have an opportunity in our town.
  • All professional and vendor contracts must be reviewed and renewed publicly each year, including insurance carriers.